2D Mischsystem

Eyes on the whole process:

From lab to production

The 3DS laboratory mixer uses the identical mixing principles of large production mixers. This enables you to check your recipes for large-scale production and to detect and correct problems before they occur in production. Use the 3DS to streamline subsequent processes and achieve a high level of traceability!


  • Chaotic mixing: Uniform results
  • Laboratory and production working hand in hand
  • Container holder and multiclamping device
  • Flexible access to formulas
Labormischer 3DS auf Palette

Chaotic mixing: Uniform results

LIKE ITS BIG BROTHERS in production, the 3DS laboratory mixer also mixes according to the so-called chaotic mixing principle: Two axes, rotating independently of each other, constantly generate new motion sequences. The result is a maximum of different particle acceleration. Undesirable centrifugal effects, which would lead to the separation of heavy and light components, are avoided. Material behavior is eliminated, internal friction is broken up and possible bridging is prevented.


Laboratory and production working hand in hand

THROUGH THE HIGH DEGREE OF COMPARABILITY, the lab can prove in advance whether the mixing will work in production and whether the end product will have the desired quality. Abrasion, wear and degree of homogenization can be accurately tested. Since the trial mix indicates the trend for the range in which the required mixing times lie, there are shorter set-up times and less material input during start-up and adjustment of the production run. Thus, less production capacity needs to be scheduled for trial mixes under real conditions.

Behälter einspannen

Container holder and multiclamping device

THE MIXER'S CONTAINER HOLDER accommodates a wide range of mixing containers. With the optionally available multi clamping device, the clamping jaws are adjusted manually, which allows particularly variable adaptation to the containers, for example, by clamping container sizes and shapes centrally.


Flexible access to formulas

THE LIBRARY OF MIXING PROGRAMS as well as the self-created mixing programs can be accessed via the 7" HMI color display. The optional uploading of new programs via WLAN/LAN/USB port allows the development of recipes outside the expensive laboratory environment or in parallel to the experimentation.

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