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MUHR Hydrocon systems

Customized penstocks for your facility

Our product range includes mechanical as well as hydraulic systems in all dimensions and with all drive types. Depending on a project's requirements, we supply penstocks with spindle drive or rack and pinion contactor train, in single or double design.

MUHR penstocks are engineered to exactly match YOUR requirements with great precision, so that they can do their job to the fullest. Their first-class quality "Made in Germany" makes them durable, reliable and extremely economical.

Standardized Quality: Series A Stainless steel penstocks

The penstocks of our standardized A series are a great choice for a wide range of requirements. They are available in sizes from DN 200 to DN 1,000 and thus cover the majority of common applications.

The penstocks are made of SS 304 and SS 316 materials, drive types can be freely selected as required.

Fully customizable: Series E stainless steel penstocks

The E series has been designed to give you complete flexibility when configuring them to your project's specific needs: Penstocks are freely customizable in both dimensions (x and y) and are suitable for all requirement scenarios.

For the E series, you can choose from SS 304, SS 316, Duplex and Super Duplex steels. The drive type can be freely selected and thus precisely adapted to your requirements.


FOR THE CITY STATE OF SINGAPORE we are working on the design and implementation of the new wastewater system. We're part of an international project team. The new sewage tunnels will be constructed at a depth of 60 meters, below all existing civil engineering structures.

Our high-performance, transportable roller gate system is needed when maintenance work is carried out in the various tunnel sections. The roller gate system consist of gates, gate supports for storage and transport, and a specially developed mobile hoist with a lifting capacity of over 183 tons.

For the gates, extremely high-performance materials were used: 1.4404 stainless steel, 1.4501 Super Duplex steel and 1.4529 Super Austenite steel. Both in terms of corrosion and water pressure, the panels are extremely resilient: They are designed for a test pressure (water column) of 55,000 mm.


The UAQ 150 MIGD IWP desalination plant produces drinking and process water for the northern part of the United Arab Emirates.
The 682 m³/day of desalinated water go to FEWA, the regional Federal Electricity & Water Authority.

The penstocks are required for operation and maintenance of the plant. They are 3,300 mm wide, 3,300 mm high and designed for a test pressure of 8,000 mm. The frames and penstocks are made of 1.4462 duplex steel. The total weight of a single penstock with frame is 3,500 kg.

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