Flood disaster in Germany

MUHR Flood prevention systems

Hope for the best – prepare for the worst

Flooding events increase, but not every flood is the same. Flood prevention concepts have to be adaptable to the specific needs on site and the respective budgets. Taking both civil and environmental protection into account, our versatile flood prevention systems are built to meet a wide range of requirements.

MUHR Test wall impermeability test

Competences and services

MUHR, WHOSE ROOTS LIE IN MILLING, has over 60 years of project-related expertise in dealing with water. As a special machine builder, we carry out both small and large projects according to the same principle: Our concepts are perfectly adapted to the situation on site.

We do static calculations, stability verifications, special pro­posals, design preparation, dimensional and cost calculations, construction drawings, detailed solutions, on-site supervision, consulting/ support for planning offices, documentation and training.

MUHR Flood wall systems: MFW100 P, E and H

WE WILL ALWAYS GO THE EXTRA MILE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. To address different on-site situations, we offer three series of floodwall systems, starting with the low-cost P-System, available at short notice, to the more robust and project-specific E-System, to the high-capacity H-System for protection against extreme flood heights.

Tabelle HWS 1
MUHR HWS-Wand Schema 1
Aufbau Schema 2

A system in which all parts interlock

THE BETTER A CONCEPT IS DESIGNED, the smoother it will run on site. In the case of an emergency, every move has to be right. Mobile flood prevention is all about speed, unambiguous use, the seamless interlocking of components and maximum reliability.
In consulting and planning, you will experience us as competent and at eye level. You can expect tailored, well thought-out solutions and thorough on-site training – so that you will be truly prepared.

MUHR HWS-Wand Storage System

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