Hydro-mechanical Equipment


Hydro - Mechanical - Equipment

What distinguishes good hydro-mechanical equipment?
Safety. Quality. Sustainability.

All of this calls for intelligent planning. For us intelligent planning means the symbiosis of experience and the latest bio-engineering knowledge.

Whether dimensioning, design, drive, ease of assembly or environmental compatibility - 'know-how' from 50 years and 2000 Muhr Hydro projects is the basis for matured technology and smooth-running processes. This creates trust. And in the end, is it not trust that defines good hydro-mechanical equipment?

HYDROCON Hydro-mechanical Equipment – Quality that you can trust.

Hydrocon Screens / Trash Racks


Screens / Trash Racks

'Know-how' for perfect flow.
Screen sounds simple, but in reality it is a real science. Incidentally, one of the reasons for our cooperation with a great variety of research facilities.
Flow and oscillation behaviour, risk of clogging, (self-)cleaning capability, fish-friendliness - this summary of important factors alone clarifies the purpose of the screen within the complete system.

Within the scope of our HYDROCON range we deliver screens that are precisely matched to your purposes. Whether vertical, horizontal or curved, with a great variety of profiles and coatings, made from various different materials. With the appropriate bar spacing and shape, for every conceivable intake contour, in any installation position.
For optimum through-flow rates and maximum profitability. Screens that you can profit from.


Shut-off Devices

Waterproof - you can rely on these.

Shut-off device is an all-encompassing term. Like our HYDROCON range. Because they encompass the complete diversity of this term:

Roller and slide gates as single and dual gate, segmental weir with flap gate, weir flaps, shut-off valves, log gates, emergency gates, stop logs, lifting beams, aluminium stop log systems, weir and sluice systems etc. etc.

Alongside new-build projects, HYDROCON Shut-off Devices are also particularly well suited to renovations. Here we pay particular attention to the complete integration of the new system into the existing structure. Thus you are spared costly remodelling work and can retain the existing structure. Simply smart quality.

Shut-off Devices
Custom systems


Custom systems

Particularly inventive.

With the operation of hydro power stations and intake structures, one or two opportunities for optimization often arise with the passage of time. Or, you require a solution for a very individual situation. Or, you wish to have an expansion module for an existing system. For such cases we provide support in the form of our HYDROCON custom systems with products and services for hydro-mechanical equipment.

Examples for this are debris grabbers in stationary, swivelling and/or mobile or floating designs. Or, stop log lifting systems in various different designs, such as a folding variant for transport on a truck for flexible use at multiple power stations.
Please contact us with your requirements and benefit from our many years of trans-sectoral experience in this field.

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