Muhr Hydro Power
Muhr Hydro Power

Muhr Hydro Power

Utilise and tame
the power of the water.
Economically and ecologically

Today, for the future. That is our incentive - and that is how our systems work:

Muhr Trash Rack Cleaning Systems
Perfect trash rack cleaning systems are optimally adapted to suit your requirements. They handle all types of floating debris, are efficient, reliable and fish-friendly.
And they are from Muhr.

Muhr Debris Handling
Trash rack cleaning and dealing with floating debris are interrelated processes. We develop an economical total concept for you.

Muhr Hydro-mechanical Equipment
Water is the source of all life. A life necessity on the one hand and a force of nature on the other. And water is living space. Intelligent hydro-mechanical equipment brings these apparent opposites into harmony.

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