Segregation-free Loading

Muhr segregation-free Loading

Loading with no segregation

DTS immersion system for segregation-free loading.

With conventional loading, especially of product blends whose components exhibit considerable differences in terms of specific weight and grain size, product segregation can occur due to air separation, especially after the product has emerged from the loading nozzle.

With Muhr loading systems with the DTS immersion system, this effect is avoided.

Segregation-free Loading
Segregation-free Loading


DTS Immersion System

With the Muhr DTS immersion system, the tube-type product guide unit drops through the loading nozzle down to the base of the tank. During loading, the product guide unit is lifted above the fill level indicator in line with the dumping cone that is developing.

In this way, the product guide unit always concentrates the product flow either to the base of the tank or to the top of the dumping cone. The concentration means the wind separation effect and the segregation of the product are both prevented.

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